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"Looking for a birthday or  even an anniversary gift?   Purchase a gift certificate with any dollar  amount, and receive it in the mail as soon as three days! Browse our detail packages, and contact us via email or by phone to purchase a  gift certificate! 

                                                         Vehicle Detailing Packages

                                Big Dawg Platinum: Cars/Small Trucks Starting at $199.98

                                                                   Large Trucks/SUVs Starting at $249.98

(Includes: Exterior wash/dry, paint sealant applied (last up to 12 months), rims and wheel barrels, wheel wells cleaned and dressed, dress tires, inside/outside windows, door jambs cleaned and waxed, shampoo seats/carpet, dashboard cleaned, middle console, shampoo trunk, and a full thorough vacuum)


                                     Superior Dawg: Cars/Small Trucks Starting at $99.98

                                                                      Large Trucks/SUVs Starting at $129.98


(Includes: exterior wash, rims and wheel barrels, wheel wells cleaned, dress tires, inside/outside windows, door jambs cleaned, wipe down all plastics, hand wax, and a full thorough vacuum)            


                                         Little Dawg: Cars/Small Trucks Starting at $59.98 

                                                               Large Trucks/SUVs Starting at $74.98

(Includes: exterior wash, rims, dress tires, outside windows, door jambs, and spray wax)

                                           Ceramic Coating Application: Starting at $600

                                                                                          Extra Coat: $200

                                  1 coat last up to 3 years and 2 coats last up to 5 years!

(Includes: exterior wash, rims, dress tires, claying, tape prepping, 2 step machine polish, post paint decontamination, Ceramic Coating Application, windows cleaned, and door jambs waxed)



                                                             Additive Pro Services

                  Paint Sealant (Last 1 Year):                                         $60 (any vehicle)

                  Headlights Restoration:                                               $60 (any vehicle)

                  Machine Polish (3 step):                                              Starting at $200 

                  Seat Belts Cleaning:                                                     Starting at $60

                  Leather Conditioning:                                                  $25 (any vehicle)

                  Decal/Sticker Removal:                                               Starting at $10

                  Emblem Removal:                                                        Starting at $15

                  Claying Surfaces:                                                         Starting at $35

                  Engine Cleaning:                                                          Starting at $50

                  Headliner Cleaning:                                                     Starting at $45

                  Touch Up Paint:                                                            Starting at $1 per chip

                  Aftermarket Air Intake Cleaning:                                $20 (any vehicle)