Detailer Guys

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Commercial Detailing


~Own a company fleet? Give your customers a great first impression of your business, when you initially arrive at their location. Driving a clean company vehicle, makes your company stand out from the rest, and gives your customers a better feeling that they will be in good hands! Check out the following for further details, and give us a call for your fleet detailing services!


Fleet Detailing


~Fleet detailing for large and small companies. Starting at $35 per 


~Includes the following per vehicle: Exterior wash/dry, rims and tires, 

  wheel wells, exterior windows, and tire shine.

~Ask about our Spray Wax and Rain-X application! Starting at $10-20 

  extra per vehicle.

Semi/Dump Truck Detailing

~INTERIOR detailing for semi tractors and dump trucks only! Starting at 


~Ask us about leather conditioner and UV Dashboard applications. 

  Starting at $45.